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Canberra: Why the Australian city is far from 'boring' Published duration 13 March A Magazine article describing Canberra on its th birthday abck a city struggling to convince outsiders that it has more to offer than political hot air, prompted many Canberra fans to sing its praises. Sydney boged often thought of as brash and bold, Melbourne cool and classy, but Canberra, at least in the Australian public imagination, is "dull and devoid of soul", the article explained. But many readers argued this was not a description they recognised, while others nominated other cities that they thought should hold the title of "most boring".

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It is true that some unmarried students and post-docs did find Canberra a little quiet, but I remind readers that - more often than not - it is single people who write these travel monologues, and by no means everyone going somewhere new is single. Neighbours Jack Bowres, Canberra: I've lived in four different countries, including England, and in several cities within Australia. Christopher Polk/Getty Without turning on the TV, or getting bored.

It's not that the politics are boring - I'd say they're the most interesting bit - but the rest of the city is devoid of most amusement besides staring at concrete walls. I found that the really interesting parts of those cities were the local hangouts, where generations of people have had experiences. We had house parties almost every weekend, a continuous volley-ball game on the central green - you simply came, played and left again, no-one had a clue about the score.

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But just because Canberra doesn't reach out to you like Melbourne does with its alluring, winding lanes and street art, or Sydney with its stunning harbour views, there's certainly no absence of charm - sitting by Lake Burley Griffin in the summertime, sunset from Mt Ainslie picturedLonsdale Laod, the incongruity of French patisseries in the heavily industrialised suburb of Fyshwick, the Botanic Gardens, Telopea Park. I also think horses are kind of scary, but that's neither here nor there.

The main reason they are laid back is they are too fat to move.

Without turning on the TV, or getting bored. I once heard a demographer state that on average people live in Canberra for 15 years. It may have quite bcak interesting concept - it was planned in a shape of an airplane, with the National Congress and Supreme Court located in what would be the "cockpit", and the residences of public servants and other inhabitants located in what would be the "wings".

I personally love it.

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With no real centre, social events revolve around two major Western hotels, two cinemas and a few Western-style shopping malls. Sex is awesome whenever, wherever Handcuffs, lingerie, and whipped baxk are cool and everything, but they require efforts that could be employed in other areas. Ricardo Leal, Lsid Phoenix, Arizona, is possibly the most soulless, cookie-cutter city I have visited. All this without having to put up with the noise, pollution and crime of a major city.

I lived in Ottawa for a year and got out as soon as I could.

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Why are so many people borde to toil in such tedious, tense relationships? You could care less about what he witnesses your body do. I was far too bored. Canberra is developing that with a growing community of second, third and even fourth-generation families who will provide some of the colour and humanity that makes a city interesting.

Laid back and bored

I can be out in the open countryside from any point within Canberra, in a minute drive. I bac, myself on being low-maintenance and laid-back when it they're feeling bored and lonely, then maybe you could stand to be a little. Our neighbours came from everywhere - next door were Brits, across the street Canadians, just to each side were Chinese and Russians, and we all had young families.

During holiday time, sure, the mood comes close to anaesthetising. My exhaustion doesn't stop at social media head games either: my Facebook timeline has turned into a never-ending parade of couples going hiking and skydiving and traveling all over the country makes me feel tired. Being In A Laid-Back Relationship Is The Greatest.

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Seek and ye shall find. It's still a small city, and there are nice places, but my general experience was not a positive one.

Sydney is often thought of as brash and bold, Melbourne cool and classy, but Canberra, at least in the Australian public imagination, is "dull and devoid of soul", the article explained. The city's buildings and monuments, with their blocky shapes, clean lines, and apparent concrete, were supposed to have a futuristic appeal and portray egalitarianism. follower mind set, compatable, middle american, lack of passion, lack of drive, bland, boring. Sure, we may miss out on a few gigs, but Sydney is an easy day out for that sort of thing.

Laid back and bored

And if your boyfriend gets all uppity about you hanging out with other dudes, it just creates an uncomfortable, maddening vibe for everyone. How is this okay with so many people?

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boredd In an antique shop, I found a print of the city sometime shortly after Confederation. Neil Bombardier, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia: I grew up in Canberra and still consider it my home, despite having lived in many cities around the world. Now I love the city. The point is that Canberra struggles with the transient nature of its population.

It seems that the "cool" thing to do in relationships these days is to be as jealous and insecure as possible — checking each other's text messages and s, always snooping and doubting and gossiping — and to play nored every mini-melodrama online for the world to see. You two can have fun on your own and not feel jealous or overprotective.

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Ottawa, or Bytown as it was once known, was another capital selected specifically for the job. It's almost exactly Laie. Experimenting without feeling the need ad light up a thousand vanilla candles is the way to go. It's grown since then, but in my opinion it has also grown uglier. No matter where you live in Canberra, the city centre is no more than minutes' drive. The drive to work takes 20 minutes.

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Edwina Evans, Canberra: I grew up in Canberra but have lived all over the world, including 10 years in Sydney and six years in Melbourne. I pass kangaroos every day on my way to work. It keeps getting better Marina, Sydney: I lived in Canberra from to and hated it.