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He has a mother who punishes him for "embarrassing her" by plotting his evil schemes and at one point he considers going to jail rather than being in trouble with his mother. Hartlee McCool • 89 Pins. You also get free access to dietitians and counselors.

List of johnny test characters -

Worried, Dukey took him to the Lab, hoping Susan and Mary get rid of it. However, he does help out the Test siblings and Dukey save a holiday that they created. Johnny wants to enter a wrestling competition so that he can win a new HDTV. Baboomerang formerly Kadoomerang is listed with Power Point's, while Badias has On top of it, the diet food that you prepare at home lacks taste, yet you strive to follow it to achieve weight loss. He often reports about the Test family.

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A troublesome, unpredictable, and widely iconic figst boy, he is often called the "kid with the flaming hair" due to having scarlet red highlights in his yellow hair. He started out as a regular wart until he was brought to life.

Vegetarian intelligent artsy wants McCool first

But in reality, he's just lonely like Brain Freezer. Super Smarty Pants: A pair of pants that allow the user to gain higher intellectual abilities. She is the daughter of Larius Nefarius. Montague[ edit ] Montague voiced by Lee Tockar : An anarchist talking mouse bent on world domination but in actuality, He just wants cheese. Her first thought was attsy, then later on he ended saving her from being turned into a kitten, she was touched and they almost ended up kissing but Johnny went back to his world.

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They can build everything that they were commanded to do. He easily panics at the first of trouble, and will not hesitate to cave into pressure. The Caveman: Appeared on the episode "Stinkin Johnny". She made another appearance in "Johnny Susan Susan Johnny". She has a strange metal hatpiece on her head, the reason for which is not explained. Their hard-headed demeanor makes them gullible, and they have been tricked by Johnny on various occasions.

Vegetarian intelligent artsy wants mccool first

Anne Kaufmann McCool | Lover of cats, Cricut, the Chicago Blackhawks, and my wonderful wonderful life. In Return zrtsy Johnny'mon, she is brought up as female. He has shown to be obsessed of defeating and destroying Johnny and the Tests due to Johnny foiling his plans in the past causing him to go mentally insane. His first appearance was in the episode "Here Johnny, Here Boy!


He made another appearance in "Johnny Rich". He is able to breathe fire out of his mouth and chomp through vehicles. Mitten's aforementioned butler. Due to this, he is currently reformed and likes the Tests, and has dropped out of the force to be replaced by Zizrar.

Vegetarian intelligent artsy wants McCool first

All the meals and snacks of this plan include good carbohydrates and protein. He often makes ice-related puns. In one episode, Johnny pretends to be nice and to be used to being bullied by Sissy.

He is most often seen wearing green cargo firsr, a navy blue dress shirt- under tirst he wears a black shirt emblazoned with a trefoil symbol- a watch that he rarely uses and black hi-tops. Warty became evil and took over Johnny's body by controlling his brain and nerves and then the world though was stalled since he struggled to control Johnny and couldn't do so until he had complete control of Johnny's brain. Unlike his brother, he was more evil and serious and was able to weaken Johnny's chances of defeating him by kidnapping Susan Veggetarian Mary and taking their weapons so Johnny and Dukey couldn't fight back.

He has red hair and mechanical arms that he uses to tickle people who threaten him into submission. More from Hartlee McCool · Dessert First.

Vegetarian intelligent artsy wants McCool first

He also gets distracted if he loses his shoe, and can't focus on anything if he does, something that Johnny occasionally fist. They can operate and have a mind of their own when Bling-Bling is not around or Bling-Bling is in need.

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Ed: Blast Ketchup's friend and cheerleader. The army of Moon Fiends ate a lot of spice cheese nachos, which gave them stink gas and fart on Johnny and Dukey. Throughout the artwy, they are more robotic and shown to have more than one pair of them.

Hartlee McCool • 12 Pins. His TinyMon name is "Mymuttdog" and he evolves into "Dukandra. Super Dukey has superpowers like flight, shapeshifting, power poots, K-9 oral force field, ESP, and teleportation. White[ edit ] Mr.

More from Hartlee McCool · Crafty. He used to be gross and immature as seen in the episode "Johnny's New BFF"but then became a teenager.

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In an ending of an episode, he claims to want revenge on Johnny. He is apparently not very smart, because Dark Vegan is able to perform a Despite first appearing as villains, they're now friends to the Test kids on most occasions. Bumper Randalls[ edit ] Mitchell "Bumper" Randalls voiced by Scott McNeil : A local bully who regularly tortures the kids at Johnny's school, though Johnny is his favorite victim; he tortures Johnny more than anyone else.

She is a businesswomanthough her specific profession is never explained aside from the fact she works in financing. He was the creator of the Bike Jump Stunt contest.

Hartlee McCool • 52 Pins. This is a list of the many characters from the animated television series Johnny Test. He has two cats: a white cat called "Cuddles" untelligent an orange tomcat. His father seems to want him to be a wrestler, but he just wants to grow flowers so he takes his anger out on Johnny.

Vegetarian intelligent artsy wants McCool first

Baboomerang appeared as an anthropomorphic baboon he wore armor a belt and a diaper. Mittens and his bunny rabbit, which turned him into an evil villain seeking world domination.